Sizing Guide

Into The Wild Print Sizing Guide

Into the Wild prints are offered in four sizes: S, M, L & XL

The prints have been specifically sized to fit universal and readily available framing sizes, making it possible to purchase a frame directly from your local art or design store.

Custom framing is highly recommended for Large and Extra-Large prints. There is no border on the Extra-Large, therefore the frame needs to fit perfectly and special care is needed to bring the print to life. When you invest in a custom frame you're truly creating a cohesive aesthetic for your art display.

Small Prints - editions of 100

Perfect for your computer desk, office space, countertop or even your bathroom!

Image size (for mat window): 8"x12"

Total print size (including 0.2" border): 8.4"x12.4"

Frame: choose frame with mat opening of 8"x12"

Medium Prints - editions of 100

A great size for a collection of two or three images in a hallway, living room or bedroom to create a cohesive space

Image size (for mat window): 12"x18"

Total print size (including 0.3" border): 12.6"x18.6"

Frame: choose frame with mat opening of 12"x18"

Large Prints - editions of 25

Large options are best paired together in themes of subject or tonality. They work well in bedrooms, office spaces, living rooms and dining rooms

Image size (for mat window): 20"x30"

Total print size (including 0.5" border): 21"x31"

Frame: choose frame with mat opening of 21"x31"

Extra Large Prints - editions of 15

The conversation piece! These are massive prints and, when combined with a custom frame, will be sure to make a statement in any home or office. Best for large open areas with a lot of negative space on the wall. As these prints sell, the prices will increase accordingly.

Image size (for mat window): 40"x60"

Total print size (no border): 40"x60"

Frame: choose frame with mat option and mat opening of 40"x60" or no mat option. Custom framing is highly recommended.